Attend the XI International Congress on Obesity this July 11-15,2009, in Stockholm International Fairs & Congress Centre, Stockholm, Sweden.

Obesity research is expanding and in its broadest sense comprises numerous aspects of science, from molecular biology to sociology, from genetics to behavioral modification technology. The exploding global obesity epidemic has made research in this area of the utmost importance to society, and at every International Congress on Obesity to date, break through scientific news has been presented, highlighting just how dramatically the research in this field is moving forward.

Scientifically, the 11th International Congress on Obesity will build on its predecessors. It is difficult to predict what the hot topics will be in 2010, but we anticipate that we will have an opportunity to discuss in depth the genetic determinants of obesity as well as new treatment strategies. Childhood obesity is a rapidly developing research area and recent suggestions relating to healthy diets may provoke research we can at this time only speculate about.

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